Sunday, September 28, 2003

A couple of good reads...

Two items, not connected by anything other than I came upon them at the same time...

First, a very interesting blog called The New Quaker. Here's a blog that is well written with something more to say than "I'm so depressed; my _(fill in the blank)_ doesn't like me anymore." Perhaps a little more left of center & fundamental than me, this blog is, however, more thought provoking.

Second, an news analysis piece posted to MSNBC. A couple of things struck me about this article. First, the election of 2004 is setting up to be hugely divisive. I know as a country we'll make it through, but I'm standing by for fractures the size of Texas. There's so much emotion wrapped up in this: stuff leftover from the 2000, Supreme Court-decided election; President Bush's doctrine of pre-emption; the piss-poor economy, including millions out of work; the attacks of 9/11 and perceived threats for the future; the Patriot Act being used to tackle law enforcement issues way outside of terrorism. And the list goes on.

I hope two things with regard to the election of 2004: First, all Americans become politically active and let their voices be heard. Second, when it's over, we can all stand tall next to each other and press forward, strengthening our great nation by making our communities better.

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