Sunday, September 28, 2003

Curry chicken... better at Rajput

Last night I had dinner at Rajput in Ghent. Rajput, on West 21st Street, serves fine Indian Cuisine. We started with the Chhole Bhature, chick pease masala served with deep fried bread. Thick & delicious & a hint of spice. For the main course, I had the chicken curry served "Indian hot" and a side of roti and naan. A creature of habit, I love chicken curry. It was wonderful, although next time I'll likely tone down the spice level a bit. The chicken was perfect and nearly melted in my mouth. The breads were great and helped offset the spice enough to make all enjoyable.

Today after church, Andrew, my eldest son, decided he wanted to cook. We cooked white rice with curry, and we fried chunks of chicken breast lightly coated with oil and curry. It would have been good -- (although not as good at last night's meal at Rajput) -- except the chicken had gone bad. We ate the rice and peas.

So, stay away from Club 137, unless I guarantee the freshness of the meat; take in a meal at Rajput. You can reach Rajput at

Enjoy. And remember, the spice of life is not change or diversity, it's curry.

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