Friday, September 26, 2003

How secure are we really?

As a frequent traveler, I wonder how secure our transportation modes are. A recent article posted to MSNBC indicates that "box cutters still pose an aviation threat." No kidding. Every time I travel, I think of new ways to get stuff onto a plane; if I wasn't concerned about actually surviving, I could likely hijack every plane I travel on. A knife made of composite materials that can't be picked up by metal detecters. A gun made of composite materials. Whatever.

But if I really wanted to cause havoc, I'd blow up all the tunnels here in Hampton Roads. A coordinated attack could wipe out all the tunnels: The Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel, the Monitor Merrimac Tunnel, the Downtown Tunnel, the Mid-town Tunnel. Seven trucks with trailers; the trailers loaded with explosives; a quick release mechanism allowing the trailers to be left behind. A coordinated and timed attack. Boom! That's all she wrote.

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