Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Performance Excellence within the Commonwealth of Virginia, Part 2

Well, here I am, after a long evening. (See my post at LANTPEC for a broad overview.)

Spent a couple of hours yapping with Mark S. and Chris W. Ate the hottest chicken fingers I think I've ever had. They weren't so bad while still in the mouth; but damn the after heat was the worst. The absolute worst. We were at the Marriott's sport's pub, Pitchers. While we didn't have pitchers, we did have a bit to drink. Chris and I were drinking water... er, I mean Mich Ultra... Mark had something with a little more substance. The chicken fingers were so hot the waiter brought us milk to help cool our mouths. Like I really needed milk to go on top of the beer.

So I drank it.

As we were leaving, I ran into my old friend from grad school, Lisa W. So, while Mark & Chris went up to their respective rooms to work (which is what I had had every intention of doing), Lisa and I stayed at Pitchers. She called over a co-worker and then another and pretty soon there were six of us -- including Lisa's husband -- around the table getting a little tipsy. I left when they started spilling beer all over the place. Sure, it's never me spilling the beer.

Good to see so many people enthusiastic about performance excellence. Table talk, while not actually revolving 100% around performance excellence, did hover a bit on it. Their organization is going through some change (not for the better per their perspectives); fun to hear about other organizations and to realize that we're all messed up a bit; just when I think we're doing it alone, I realize so's everybody else.

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