Thursday, September 25, 2003

The winds of war...

I'm somewhat amazed. Here we are, months after the fighting in Iraq has "stopped," and our troops continue to be ambushed & killed. Asymmetric warfare is the norm. I'm amazed not that this is the case; I'm amazed that our National Command Authority didn't see the possibilities. They were nearly alone, or not. There were other voices calling out the "watch out."

If a foreign nation had attacked the United States, what would President Bush think we'd do. Given the opportunity, how many of us would fight back? How many active duty military members would wage war? How many reservists would conduct asymmetric attacks from the comfort of their civilian life? I'd go out and set attacks and fade into the woodwork, admiring my handiwork from my home. Sure. How is it that the President and his degreed advisors didn't think the same thing could play out in Iraq?

One of the things people have criticized President Bush Sr. with regard to the First Gulf War was his hesitation to "finish the job." He allowed the Iraqi troops to flee back to Baghdad and home, to regroup. With no culminating battle, President Bush Jr. allowed the same thing; only this time, rather than returning to Baghdad in cohesive (or uncohesive) units, the members of the Iraqi military returned to their homes to wait out the occupation.

The question facing us now is simple: how do we, as a super power, wage war against an enemy who fights an asymmetric battle? We face this type of war in Iraq; I suspect we will also continue to face this type of war here at home as Al'Qaida operatives continue their operations.

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