Monday, October 20, 2003

Damn my mouth is on fire... more Indian food

I've been having a hankering for curry. Last week in St. Louis found a Thai bistro. Tonight, found a great Indian restaurant Indigo Indian Bistro. So far away, too. Something like 20 steps from the door of the hotel.

I walked over a bit after 7pm tonight and, well, didn't have a great experience. Stood in the door next to the wait-to-be-seated sign for a couple of minutes; there was another couple of people waiting also. Finally flagged down a waiter to get the shrug and "Well, we're really busy and are understaffed."

I walked out & returned to my hotel to do work. An hour and a half later, I returned. Glad I did.

By the time I walked in, the place was near empty. Seated quickly. Waitress appeared with speed; she -- Connie -- was all smiles and energetic. She was prompt and friendly; the food was excellent, too. The curry melted in my mouth (my mouth was on fire, so of course it melted... this is what happens when a patron says "Yeh, make it hot."). A relaxing atmosphere, friendly staff, great food.

Next time you're in Cleveland and you have a hankering for food from the subcontinent, try Indigo on Prospect.

And my thanks to Connie for service. Thanks.

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