Sunday, October 12, 2003

If people spent as much time...

... helping others & being positve & creating value in the world as they spend bitching & moaning & complaining, the world would be quite a different place, wouldn't it?

Following services this morning at church, the congregation gathered to learn about our endowment. Our church is blessed with an endowment, although it's taken a severe hit in the last 18 months or so, losing over a million dollars of value, dropping to something under $3 million now. Still, we're blessed.

So the senior warden presented a brief history of the endowment, which started in the 1940's with around 2 grand. Then the treasurer gave a numbers overview; solid stuff.

So, he says, "Anyone have any questions?" I'm just about to ask how he and the finance committee came up with the spending percentages for the six lump funds for outgoing money... before I can get a word in edge-wise, this guy stands up. "I have hear a petition signed by 102 people."

Shit, I think to myself.

The meeting was downhill from there. If these folks spent half the time and energy they spend causing hate and discontent on something worhwhile, like working at the soup kitchen or writing positive tracts or whatever, the church would benefit so much. Instead, they question decisions the vestry made 12 months ago or why the funds manager let so much value slip through the fund or whatever.

I had to speak. Calling myself the reluctant vestry member, I asserted that it's all a question of stewardship. Their elected vestry attempts to manage the fund as best they can, being good stewards of this gift from the past. The congregation, however, needs to start being good stewards of that which has been given to them... and redoubling their efforts in contributing to the work and mission of the church...

I'm thinking they'd rather just complain and point fingers.

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