Friday, October 31, 2003

I'm an existentialist

I had an epiphany last night at two in the morning. The epiphany was not that I'm an existentialist; I've known that for eons... Existentialism has some sort of appeal to me; it resonates...

Anyway, the "ah-ha" was this (and I've known this for years, too, but last night I knew it): choice presents itself a multitude of times daily. Some choices are small and some are large, but from each choice flows out action and consequence and, ultimately, another choice.

Frustration comes when we don't accept a previous choice we've made, a choice which leads to another choice which we don't want to face.

For me, the question of existence comes down to choice. ((I feel like Neo talking to the Architect.))

My choice today is to be positive, act in accordance with my values, and to dance in the streets while trick-or-treating with my sons.

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