Thursday, October 23, 2003

"Matrix Revolutions" -- does Andrew have the answer?

Perhaps you've seen "Matrix" and "Matrix Reloaded"? Ah, of course you have.

So, last weekend my sons and I were watching "Reloaded." And Andrew, who seems to have a knack for figuring stuff out and making intuitive theories about the world of ideas, told me what the catch would be for the third movie.

Here's what he said (okay, these aren't his words, but it's the gist of his message): All this time we've been thinking that the world of Zion is the "real" world. It's not. It, too, is part of the computer; it's part of the matrix. The "unplugged" are, actually, still plugged in.

Now, I'm not sure if this is really what will happen in the movie; we'll know soon enough. There's a few spoiler sites on the web (here's another one)... They don't seem to share Andrew's thinking...

There's evidence in the first two Matrix movies to support Andrew's hypothesis. In "Reloaded," the Architect talks about "giving humans what they think is a choice." The Oracle talks about choice in the conversation before the hurly-burly fight; she also suggests to Neo that all is not what it seems.

And, then, on further surfing, I find this posted on Amazon... the review by panwyl from Manchester, England could have been posted by Andrew... hmmm, so he's not a genius standing alone...

I'm disappointed...

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