Saturday, October 04, 2003

Poetry... alive and well in Hampton Roads

After shopping for Halloween costumes, I dragged my sons off to Cafe Mundo in Portsmouth for dinner and an open-mike poetry reading. First Friday of every month, a group of poets gathers at Cafe Mundo for a chance to read their own poetry... to be heard and to hear. Maybe ten poets tonight along with usual Mundo customers; nice, relaxing time, although the background noise is a bit much for a dedicated poetry reading. When I was in England attending the University of East Anglia, a group of us would gather a couple of times a month do read in local pubs. Now there was some background noise; but at least everybody was getting happy. Anyway, heard some good stuff tonight; a couple of people indicated they'll submit to Poetry 360.

Join the Chesport Poets; most of their events can be found here or you can email Pete F. for more info.

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