Saturday, November 01, 2003

A beautiful weekend...

This is, perhaps, the last short sleeve weekend here in Hampton Roads.

Trick-or-treating last night almost didn't feel like Halloween at the tail end of October; weather more like late September or early October. Years past have been darn right chilly. Last night was nearly balmy.

Merchants in Olde Towne were all out in force, handing out candy and trinkets. Last year there were swarms of kids; this year the crowds were much smaller. Perhaps Halloween has lost it's appeal.

I some how doubt it. Sales this year have gone through the roof. The Baby Boomers have turned Halloween into a huge retail time. Like we can't get enough. What does it say about American society that Halloween has become a retail highlight in the business landscape?

Meanwhile, I'm trying to devise ways for the candy we collected to disappear. I wonder if they'd notice the stash getting smaller and smaller with each passing hour... all the while I keep telling them "no" when they ask if they can eat more candy.

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