Thursday, November 27, 2003

The President is in Iraq... my old man muses

The Commander-in-Chief has paid US military forces in Iraq a surprise visit for Thanksgiving. He had the traditional Thanksgiving meal with some 600 members of the military who were expecting to eat with Paul Bremer. Instead, Bremer introduced the President to the troops as the most senior member present.

In musings with my father, we've been discussing security weaknesses in America. As long-time readers will remember, my father has an uncanny knack for identifying targets. I guess a life-long interest in history and psychology and theology and sociology will give a guy the ability to make a pretty good guess every once in a while... His latest: security ought to be a concern to the folks at the Washington National Cathedral. The Cathedral is looking for a new canon; someone tossed the Old Man's name in the ring. Fat chance (he'd have to come out of retirement & he's a bit too, er, traditional for them). Anyway, he noted that the new Canon ought to be concerned with security; the Cathedral s a target of standing with great symbolism. Unlike my target musings of critical transportation infrastructure in Tidewater (i.e., tunnels), the Cathedral has emotional standing and would make a "pretty" picture for terrorist advertising (has that same I stand over the skyline that the World Trade Center had).

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