Thursday, November 20, 2003

Recognition of students?

What are appropriate ways to recognize students... elementary school, middle school, or high school.

Last week, report cards came home. Richard earned six A's; Andrew earned three A's and three B's. Dianne, their mother, paid them for the grades: $10/A, $5/B. (I should note they were like drunken sailors and spent the money within 24 hours of the dough hitting their grubby little hands.) I paid them Barps*.

On Tuesday, Richard's school had a recognition program for the high achievers (perfect attendance, honor roll, bringing up grades list, principal's list, superintendent's list). This year for the PTA program, the kids marched up to the stage, crossed the stage, and were done... all to lots of applause.

Schools have other recognition opportunities -- pizza parties, posting lists, ribbons, whatever...

How can we create appropriate recognition opportunities for students of all ages? Recognition at home and at school. We need compensation, recognition, and reward & incentive practices which reinforce high-performance work. I'm not sure that money, BARPS, applause, and pizza are on the mark. Maybe they are, but likely not. Any suggestions?

*Barps: Boys Allowance ,Reward, & Penalty System... depending on how redeemed, a Barp is worth seventy-five cents (for a toy) or $2 (for a book).

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