Thursday, December 11, 2003

The future of our time in Iraq?

The Marines have decided they're going to run a different kind of war in Iraq. Who would'a thought that the kick-the-door-down-and-kick-some-ass U.S. Marines would decide they're going into Baghdad with a gentle touch (but with the power underneath to still flex some muscle)?

Anyone who thinks the Marines are all brawn and no brain hasn't been following progress in the West Bank and Baghdad. The Marines have seen what doesn't work. What doesn't work leads to death of American service members and ill-will toward America.

I pray that Lt. Gen. James T. Conway and the First Marine Expeditionary Force are on-the-mark. Maybe they can bring some stability to the situation... And maybe they can turn the tide of opinion so that people see we are not an imperial nation but a nation imbued in the values of freedom and democracy and peace.

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