Friday, December 12, 2003

I'm miffed... big time...

My blood is boiling... One of my colleagues was "let go" yesterday, four days before the end of his probationary period of the first year of employment with the CG as a civilian. Did he get canned for ethical reasons, you know milking the company or one of the three b's (okay, not politically correct to list them, so I will not). No, he did not. Was he competent? Sure, good enough that when he was first told they might can him they asked him to stay on for two weeks to do some critical consulting work. And another two weeks for more work... and so on...

He was hired last December following a long-time career with the CG. He had retired as a chief warrant officer and was later hired into the same job he'd retired from. He wasn't the first choice for the job; in fact, they'd offered the job to two other folks. But, he was a known entity and had substantial credibility as a consultant.

At some point, he'd been saddled with two bs collateral duties (property clerk for his division and a CFC rep for the district). He perhaps didn't put these as his first priority.

In short, he's now been canned. A part of me wonders if, perhaps, he was canned in part because of his age... hmmmm...

But now, he's out on the street; unemployed.

I've been there. He shouldn't be there right now.

If he'd been a military member, this never would have happened. No matter what. I work with some folks who, perhaps, ought to be shown the door. But they're not. We have a culture, or so I thought, of trying to find appropriate work for people, for coaching them along, for providing opportunities for success.

This situation spits in the face of that culture, that belief. I guess we are not about positive leadership and all those values Admiral Loy wrote about in his new uphold-the-CG-as-glorious-cause-we're-such-good-leaders-and-it's-ingrained-in-our-culture book. Bunk! BS. Too often now I'm seeing senior leaders (and junior officers) who don't do what they preach, who talk one thing and then go off and do another.

Honor. Respect. Devotion to Duty. I'm beginning to think it's all bull shit.

I'm mixing scenarios here (things I've seen in the last 18 months), but do I want to work for an organization that spits out a competent, trustworthy, dedicated professional? Do I want to work for an organization that doesn't take the time to build up her people? Do I want to work for an organization that condones blasting someone on a performance evaluation and never having provided verbal or written feedback before then? Do I want to work for an organization that allows a senior to wait more than 12 months after the end of a performance evaluation cycle before providing useful feedback? Do I want to work for an organization that revokes an award for no stated reason or rationale? Do I want to work for an organization where the senior leaders say one thing and then do the opposite? Do I want to work for an organization where the senior-most officer present for the retirement of a 20 year enlisted member is a mere Lieutenant (those higher in the chain of command -- the same damn unit -- not deeming this retirement worthy of coming to)?

This isn't the organization I joined.

I guess that just makes me a @#$% dinosaur, then, doesn't it?

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