Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Week of Unity, King, and Peter

An interesting intersection of things this week.

Yesterday was Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I celebrated the day by standing watch in the Coast Guard operational command center here in Portsmouth; while on watch, we watched Boycott, a movie about Dr. King and the Montgomery bus boycott, on HBO. What a powerful movie. I was struck that Dr. King didn't seek out his position of leadership; he was drafted; he was called.

Today, I attended Mass at Trinity Church. Today, we celebrated the Confession of Saint Peter the Apostle (moved from January 18th). As the Lesser Feasts and Fasts notes, Peter was often "stumbling, impetuous, intense, and uncouth." (Hmmm, sounds like me.) The readings go on to say, As we watch Peter struggle with himself, often stumble, love his Lord and deny him, speak rashly and act impetuously, his life reminds us that our Lord did not come to save the godly and strong but to save the weak and the sinful. Simon, an ordinary human being, was transformed by the Holy Spirit into the "Rock," and became the leader of the Church.

This is also the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. I'd say coincidently, but I doubt it. This is a week about unity. Dr. King was about unity; Saint Peter was about unity.

What are we, each of us, about?

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