Thursday, January 01, 2004

What to do when you win the lotto...

With the huge Powerball and MegaMillion lotteries of late, I've been giving some thought to what I will do when I win... I know. I know. I said when not if. Call that positive thinking, I guess.

Anyway, what to do? Imagine the good which could be done. I'm not talking about fast cars and big houses and beautiful women; I'm talking about creating something which helps people, which does some social good. On the small side, I'd like to have a fleet of sailboats in Crawford Bay and a program to teach city kids how to sail. Maybe a scholarship at one of my alma maters. A program to mentor young writers.

Of course, most folks who come suddenly into money are just as likely to lose it all.

May I not be one of those folks...

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