Monday, May 31, 2004

Even the veterans...

On this Memorial Day, as we recognize the sacrifices of those who have served in the Armed Forces during this country's more than two hundred years of history, I wonder where we're headed. I know things are bad... Not that the list of casualties keeps getting longer and longer, but that veterans who are generally very supportative of national policy are now questioning.

I had a conversation this past weekend with my father, a veteran who has worn the uniform of every branch of the U.S. Armed Forces except for the Coast Guard, and it became crystal clear that even he has become disillusioned. While he'd suit up in a heartbeat to deploy to Iraq or some other hot spot, he doesn't agree with our current national policy. And I sense that he is not alone; even some of my fellow students at the Naval War College began, in the waning weeks of the term, to make utterances which were not supportive of our current actions.

Some people I've spoken with believe our curent foray into Iraq wasn't well thought out & that perhaps the senior civilian leadership didn't follow the military counsel it was given or didn't get decent military counsel. And, even more deeply cynical is that the thought that perhaps this military adventure:

  • Is a personal grudge, a bit of saving the family honor, for the President

  • Is about oil and the increase of wealth for a select few Americans

  • And I thought I was alone in my cynicism...

    So, now the question for those of us who are in the military, who's job it is to be agent of national policy, if we disagree, what are we to do?

    I wonder, how has the President lost the faith of so many people so quickly?

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