Sunday, June 27, 2004

Let me see if I have this straight

I'm a little slow and still trying to sort all of this out... The President has said he doesn't condon torture, and yet, it turns out, senior members of the administration (perhaps including the f-word using Vice President) approved techniques which included feigned drowing, refusal of pain medication for injuries, feigning suffocation, stress positions, light and noise bombardment, and sleep deprivation. Which part of that list isn't torture? Sure, we haven't approved electric shock and cutting off limbs or rape and sodomy or some other techniques, but if Mr. Bush or Mr. Cheney were subjected to these techniques, would they be thinking it was torture?

At least now it seems the CIA has put a hold on such techniques until they can get a clear read.

Perhaps I'm naive. Perhaps we can't win this supposed war on terrorism without resorting to such tactics. But, I'd like to think we can. If we want to the be the leader of the free world, we have to act like it. The same rules we expect of others should be the same rules we play by.

And, perhaps our continued efforts will be in vain.

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  1. These are all methods to compel compliance. Of course I would be very upset if it came out that US interorgators used electric shock, rape or any means that resulted in permanent damage to the individual.

    These are not nice people that we are dealing with. If we used sleep deprivation to get vital information, I don't have a problem with it. No more than I would have a problem applying a pressure point or joint manipulation to someone who didn't comply with my orders.