Wednesday, June 23, 2004

With dignity & respect

Brig. Gen. Mark Kimmitt recently said that Saddam Hussein "is being treated like any other security detainee according to the Geneva Conventions, with dignity and respect."

I guess that means Saddam's being held naked with a hood over his head, electrical wires connected to his genitalia, and dogs barking & biting him. Yeh, that kind of dignity and respect we Americans have been so kind to show Iraqi detainees.

In other news, a career CIA officer has written a new book Imperial Hubris claiming that America is losing the war on terror, in part because of the invasion of Iraq, which, he says, distracted the United States from the war against terrorism and further fueled al-Qaida’s struggle against the United States.

But that's okay, 'cause we're the good guys and don't need to hold ourselves to the same level of accountability we expect of everyone else. The President has signed one directive in the treatment of detainees, not without debate inside the White House and over at State and Defense.

But, hey, I'm sure we're above board, right?

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