Saturday, July 24, 2004

A little probing here, a little probing there

Perhaps you've read some of my earlier musings about terrorists and terrorist plots.  Like many of us here in America, I have become slightly preoccupied with the possibility of impending attacks on our homeland.  With the upcoming presidential elections, the next several months will be prime timing for an attack.

Of course, this is nothing new to any of us.  The pundits and the policy makers have been saying such for quite a while.

Now, like any operation, you'd want to practice.  Afterall, you play like you practice, eh?  So, if you were a terrorist, wouldn't you want a dry run or two?  Perhaps we are being probed.  In a recent article (Terror in the Skies, Again?) published by Women's Wall, Annie Jacobsen tells about a recent cross-country flight on which she noticed some bizzare behavior.  In short, she witnessed more than a dozen men, obviously traveling together, whose behavior made her think there was something going on.  Some reportings of the incident have noted this isn't the first apparent dry run; according to one pilot: 
The incident you wrote about, and incidents like it, occur more than you like to think. It is a 'dirty little secret' that all of us, as crew members, have known about for quite some time.
Or, are we just paranoid?  Reporting of the incident is picking up steam in the mainstream press.  We certainly don't want to become a society that singles out people based on their ethnic background, but then again, I don't think we want to let a single group by-pass security just based on their ethnic background.

I'm sure we don't want to just wait for the next attack, nor do we want to bury our collective heads in the sand... or become so paranoid we suspect everyone.

I'm not sure what I suggest.  I wouldn't advocate a curtailment of civil liberties, but we can't stand by and do nothing as our proceedures get probed.  Suggestions?

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