Saturday, August 21, 2004

How do you know when?

Recently I was chatting with a colleague about our respective professional paths. As I told her about my career progression, and progression is likely way too strong a word, I realized perhaps there's something to the seven year itch. Good things happen to me in the first five years of a job. I find it easy to contribute. I do well. I have good relationships with those around me. I haven't yet pissed off many people. Perhaps I ought'a get out of Dodge after the fifth year.

It's not that things totally fall apart in the sixth year, but, things do get a little more difficult, a little more problematic. Can I always move on? No, of course no. So, I must be mature enough to recognize a previous pattern and mature enough to do something different, so as to not fall into the same pattern.

Easier said than done, perhaps.

In the conversation with my colleague, I came to realize I'm not alone. Well all get tired in a job; we get bored; we get stale. We need new challenges; they don't have to be a new job or work in a different organization, but they do need to be challenges which breath new life into our tired bones.

I'm looking for that breath of new air.

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