Monday, August 09, 2004

Thirty years ago: Nixon departs Washington

Thirty years ago, President Nixon resigned from the presidency. Here's a great primer from MSN on this historic event.

I can remember it well. Since I'm 42 now, I must'a been twelve; Andrew's age now. We were on vacation in Whitefield, NH, where my father was taking services at Transfiguration Summer Chapel. We were living in the summer rector for the month of August; looking back, it seems like an ideal place: no phone, no television, no radio. We piled into the station wagon that Thursday to hear the President's speech. I remember wondering if the occaision was as momentus as the Old Man was making it out to be. We sat quietly in the car, transfixed by the crackling words coming through the speakers.

I wonder now, if when I force the boys to listen to news on NPR or stop in front of the TV to watch some 24-hour cable news show, they'll think back and remember where they were when history was made.

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