Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Bob Thompson Memory Test

I’m trying to find the Bob Thompson Memory Test.

Many moons ago, in a creative writing class, the instructor provided a “test” which served as a jogger for creative writing. The document, called the Bob Thompson Memory Test, was a series of thought provoking autobiographical questions. Hundreds of them. I seem to remember it was some dozen pages of single spaced typing examining nearly every aspect of the personal past.

I want it.

I know I have a copy, somewhere. But I can’t find it. (And, yes, I’ve searched the web, too, thinking it might be posted somewhere in the ether world. It it’s out here, I haven’t found it yet.)

I have a choice; I can rip the house apart in the hopes of finding it, I can re-invent the wheel and write a similar tool, or I can just forget about it.

Perhaps I should forget about it; after all, I’ve been accused of living too much in the past as it is.

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