Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Drowning in a sea of responsibilities

It's sometime between two and three in the morning (local time). My legs ache. And I'm wondering about all the things I haven't done or need to do, a to do list which reads like the perfect storm:
  1. Finish report for faciliated unit self assessment here in New Orleans.

  2. Change flight from later today to tomorrow.

  3. Write stewardship letter for church.

  4. See if I'm supposed to have a meeting at church today.

  5. Cancel said meeting if it's on the books.

  6. Confirm representing Naval War College at Trinity College's presidential inaugeration.

  7. Make flight arrangement to go to Trinity for inaugeration.

  8. Confirm that Cheryl is going to take the clinical director job.

  9. Finish outstanding travel claims

  10. Pay some bills.

  11. Get marriage license.

  12. Cake. Dress. Rings. Other assorted wedding stuff.

  13. Get some sleep.

Yeh, right. I'll get right on it all.

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