Tuesday, September 21, 2004

The hostage situation in Iraq

I can't say that I'm surprised. The second American taken hostage late last week was killed today. Who among us is surprised?

Why am I not surprised? I am not surprised because this is an all out war, and the old rules don't apply. The terrorists and Jihadists aren't playing by the old rules; they haven't been; they continue not to; I figure they will not in the future. This is a new game, a game that has huge stakes.

I'm also not surprised because, well, these folks are fighting for what they consider to be their home. We've done some good things in Iraq -- there's no denying that -- but we haven't been able to show that (a) we went in for the right reasons and (b) we're sticking around for the right reasons. And, we haven't built the case for our continued intervention.

I can only think that if some foreign nation invaded the USA and set up shop in my home town, I'd do what I could raise all sorts of hell for the occupying force. All that "right to bear arms" stuff would make a whole lott'a sense.

So, why is anyone surprised that this sort of stuff would happen. I don't condone it -- no way -- but, I'm not surprised. And, worse even, I'm not shocked. At this point, nothing could shock me.

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