Wednesday, September 15, 2004

my2way: At the Chattanooga airport & a Budget tale

Chattanooga. Well, I'm at the gate for the plane. Leave here shortly after noon & arrive at ORF at 3:15.

Returning the car was almost a nightmare. Last night, the people at Budget were less than helpful. Budget redeemed itself today through the efforts of the Chattanooga staff.

Kimberly, the Budget customer service rep at the counter actually provided good, helpful, pleasant customer service. I guess the process when a car gets returned to a different location, the renting location needs to be called to get the cost etc. Kimberly called & they didn't even pick up. She then wen into the computer & came up with a price... of a thousand dollars.

I think not.

She then, somehow, got the price down to a reasonable $370, which included taxes, the one-way fee, & the prepaid tank of gas. I thought that was reasonable.

Budget owes her. Without her effort (& the friendliness of the driver -- a guy with only one arm -- who drove me to the airport from the lot), there'd be no good news from this story. & we all know I like to tell stories... I'll spread this tale at every chance I get...

So, that's it for now. Headed home to Tidewater to await the rains from Ivan as he moves inland and up the USA.

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