Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Transparency in decision making

Today, I was helping with a meeting from work; there's no sense in going into the specifics, but at the end of the meeting the participants started talking about what could and could not be included in the meeting report, an after-action analysis of some unclassified operations. The issue was this: if we include certain stuff, people will then see how we made decisions. Oh, amazing. We don't want the public to understand what we do or why we do it? Whatever happened to transparency in decision making. There were comments made about keeping things in draft form, and thus undiscoverable through the Freedom of Information Act; or marking this For Official Use Only or Law Enforcement Sensitive (both of which, to my mind, would be a stretch... we weren't talking about classified ops; and there was nothing I hadn't heard on the national news).

I want to work in a government agency where decisions are made in the open. Bring on the consequences. Citizens & tax payers should insist on it.

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