Friday, October 01, 2004

Hopes of representing the Naval War College dashed like dishes thrown from a window

I had hoped to represent the Naval War College, my most recent alma mater, at the inauguration of the new president at Trinity College, my undergraduate alma mater. The weekend is always fun with pomp and circumstance (I've represented George Mason University, my other graduate alma mater, twice).

I thought I'd greased the skids to walk for NWC; turns out I don't have the umph necessary.
I very clearly remember your speaking with me on this subject at the President's House just prior to graduation. When the subject came up in terms of the invitation from Trinity, I spoke with the President about your offer. He asked me for my recommendation.

Although it was certainly very kind of Trinity to invite the President, I told the President that previous Presidents have not, as a matter of practice, routinely attended installation of college or university presidents. When they have or when they have designated someone to act in their stead, it has always been a uniformed officer on active service and, preferably, a flag officer to represent the Naval War College. The President agreed with this practice and directed his staff to send his regrets.

I sincerely appreciate your offer. But, I believe that his decision is consistent with what the College has done in the past. Accordingly, I regret that I must tell you that I do not believe that it is appropriate to act as the official representative of the Naval War College at this event.
Ouch. Guess that's one representation I'll never make.

Well, now to see if GMU is still in the running... and I'd so hoped to move toward the front of the line (placement is predicated on the year of the institution's founding... GMU is 1956, or so... NWC is nearly a century earlier).

Anything to walk 'neath the elms, you know?

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