Friday, October 15, 2004

Security -- Just how tight is it, really?

So, I just got off the phone with an old friend who told me she'd been on a Naval vessel underway. She was very excited as she told me about being on the YP 689 yesterday for the start of the Great Chesapeake Schooner Race. Seems they use two YP's from the Naval Academy to mark the starting line.

Here's the somewhat scary part, at least in her mind. She was along with a friend; they drove onto the Naval Academy. No one asked for ID. The friend doesn't have a military sticker on his car. They parked and went to the YP to board as one of the VIP's. The person checking off names didn't know the friend personally, never asked for ID to confirm identity against the list. The friend asked the person with the list if my friend could tag along. No problem.

So, my friend is all enthused about being a Navy vessel, with access to "everything but the engineering spaces," but all the while she's wondering why she never had to show ID. And, she's wondering how easy it would be for a terrorist to get on board.

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