Thursday, October 07, 2004

Two stories: Fire in Peru & WMD in Iraq

Here are two stories which on first blush aren't connected at all:

In the first, villagers in the hinterlands of Peru take justice into their own hands and burn, alive, a suspected thief.

In the second, we read that the U.S. government was almost all wrong when it came to weapons of mass destruction and Iraq.

These two stories caught my eye for different reasons. I'd read in the past about vigilante justice in Peru; I guess here I really wanted to see just how messed up this was. And in the second, well, I never bought the administration's justifications.

How are these linked, you ask. Well, they both show something about human character, about who we really are. The folks in Peru are desperate for a police presence, and when they don't have it, they take things into their own hands, even when it means killing someone. Yeh, it also shows just how depraved we humans can be. Closer to home, we have a President who had a personal grudge against the leader of Iraq. Saddam tried to kill the President's father. George W. was just looking for a reason to go into Iraq and complete the mission left over from more than a decade ago. There was, in large measure, an aspect of family honor in play.

Both of these show that people will do what they want, thinking they can get away with it. In both of these, might made right: the Peruvians murdering the alleged thief -- murder by gang & safety in numbers. Who will prosecute a thousand people. And George W. knew that the American military is unstoppable and can successfully do any mission tossed it's way. Our military can carry out the wishes of the Commander in Chief, and no force in the world can stop us. Our military is unstoppable; there's safety in numbers.

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