Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Blogs frighten some governments

Looks like blogs are the latest thing to scare certain governments...
"Reporters Without Borders has strongly protested against the Iran's relentless efforts to stifle free expression online after the arrest of five webloggers in less than two months, the latest on 28 November 2004.

"The government is now attacking blogs, the last bastion of freedom on a network that is experiencing ever tighter control," said the worldwide press freedom organization. "At the same time, an Iranian delegate is sitting on a UN-created working group on Internet governance. The international community should condemn this masquerade," it added.
Amazing what a little free speech can do, isn't it?

And, it seems blogs are being used for all sorts of purposes. Ramblings, like this one... Family stories... Making an impact on journalists...

Blog on, baby. Blog on.

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