Friday, November 26, 2004

The Christmas Season

Well, I for one am one of the seeming minority who believe Christmas doesn't start the day after Thanksgiving. I'm all in favor of the Christmas spirit (and I wonder why people don't demonstrate that spirit all year long). But, last time I checked, Christmas Eve & Christmas Day were the start of the true Christmas season, not the end of it.

Here's a story of neighborly love, all the way around. Alan and Bonnie Aerts decorate their yard and have thousands of lights at a cost of over $150,000; more than a thousand cars a night swing by their cul-de-sac; the neighbors hated not the decorations, but the traffic. So, this year the Aerts have only the Grinch on their lawn.

Perhaps if the Aerts lit the displays during the twelve days of Christmas, rather than the pop culture time of Christmas, the neighbors would have had less heart ache.

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