Saturday, November 20, 2004

Justice, American Style... Part 2

More on the case of the quadriplegic who died while in the DC city jail: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished... Prosecutor's pleas for leniancy in pot case end in death sentence by judge
At the start of the sentencing hearing before DC Superior Court Judge Judith Retchin, Assistant US Attorney Cully Stimson said, "Before I go any further, I would like the record to be clear that Mr. Magbie is in a wheelchair ... he's a quadriplegic, and that should be very clear on the record at this point before I go forward and this Court makes further inquiry." Stimson went on to justify the plea bargain and request for a sentence of no jail time for Magbie when he told the Judge, "So, with all those things in mind ... I think that it's a fair offer, and I think both sides got something. I would also say, talking to the jail, that they can't accommodate Mr. Magbie because when he was arrested, they actually had to take him in an ambulance to the hospital to be catheterized because he gets catheterized every four to six hours sometimes."
Guess the judge didn't care for the U.S. Attorney's suggestions. Perhaps the judge doesn't value human life... or maybe he just figures if you're a quadriplegic you either aren't human or should just be able to take care of yourself.

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