Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Looks Bush in 04

The baby woke me up. Almost three in the morning and I wander down to the computer to see what's brewing. The press is still saying "too close to call" but I'm reading the tea leaves. The friendly folks at the AP have it 249 to 242 in favor of Bush with Ohio "too close to call." Over at MSNBC, Ohio goes to Bush, making it 269 to 211. While that's one electoral vote shy of the 270 needed, I'd say Bush wraps a victory here in 04. Ohio looks to be the key state this election cycle.

Well, he got us into a mess in Iraq & stood watch while the economy tanked; he said he can do the right thing. Here's hoping we can get out of the mess and get the economy on track.

Meanwhile, one of the Cold War's strangest dramas came to an end yesterday when Sergeant Charles Robert Jenkins, the American soldier who deserted in Korea years ago, pled guilty to desertion and was sentenced by military judge to 30 days confinement and a dishonorable discharge. Jenkins, now 64, is married to a Japanese woman who had been kidnapped by the North Koreans in the late 1970's.

Perhaps it will take so long to wrap up our "war on terrorism."

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