Monday, December 20, 2004

Big Brother helps catch mother-killer

Thank goodness Big Brother is watching:
Within a day of Bobbie Jo Stinnett's slaying, investigators found the woman's newborn baby and questioned Kevin and Lisa Montgomery in the kidnapping and killing. Lisa Montgomery was later charged; authorities were led to her through an intricate path of digital evidence. Here's how it unfolded:

_ An examination of Stinnett's computer found message board chats with someone at fischer4kids(at) identifying herself as Darlene Fischer.

_ Authorities found no evidence of a Darlene Fischer living where she claimed, north of Fairfax, Mo.

_ A dog breeder from Franklin, N.C., pointed investigators to the rat terrier message board Stinnett had used,

_ That dog breeder, Dyanne Siktar, provided authorities with the IP address of a message posted by Fischer.

_ The FBI's Regional Computer Forensic Laboratory in Kansas City, Mo., determined the IP address was handled by servers operated by Qwest Communications. The company confirmed that.

_ A review of Qwest's connection logs showed the phone number used to gain a dial-up Internet connection for that IP address. It belonged to Kevin Montgomery in Melvern, Kan.
And here's the monster of a sick woman.

And this sick woman planned out her crime; this was no crime of passion; this was plotted and premeditated:
A CHILLING exchange on an internet chat board for rat terrier owners shows how a Kansas woman, who allegedly ripped the baby out of a pregnant dog breeder, set up the meeting.
I'm not a bit proponent of the death penalty. Perhaps this will make me change my song.

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