Friday, December 17, 2004

A debate for years to come

Post-war planning for our Iraqi escapades is going to be one for pundits and analysts for years to come. Why did the Pentagon ended up with a shortage of armored vehicles for U.S. soldiers in Iraq?
The shortage of armored humvees is a parable for the miscalculations that have plagued the U.S. enterprise in Iraq. Given that it was a war of choice for the U.S., the typical soldier's reasoning goes, the Pentagon had plenty of time and money to make sure the troops had everything they needed. But John Keane, the Army's No. 2 officer during the war, told TIME last week that "we did not anticipate fighting an insurgency in Iraq, and that's the truth of it." As the rebellion escalated in late summer 2003, the Army didn't have the armor it needed to protect U.S. soldiers during messy nation building. "In terms of the equipment strategy," says Keane, who retired in October 2003, "that changed everything."

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