Thursday, December 30, 2004

Dr. Cosby continues to speak out

Dr. William Cosby continues to speak out about the plight of the poor, and the black, communities of the US. He's stirring up quite a bit, but I'd expect that out of a thoughtful man who isn't willing to sit idly by.
You would think the story would have died by now. What's the big deal, after all, about Bill Cosby's blasting a bunch of poor kids and their parents? While the initial salvo was fired months ago, the aftershocks are still being felt. Columnists continue to harp on Cosby's statements, and the comedian has gone on a crusade, sermonizing across the land—and being received like a revered Biblical prophet....

But even the most hardened delinquents don't dispute that there is some truth in Cosby's message. When young black males (15-24) are murdered at 15 times the rate of young white males, something is seriously wrong. Cosby, to his credit, has said no to complacency.
You do remember Dr. Cosby, don't you. Perhaps you know him better as Bill, an actor, writer, and comedian.

I'm not surprised at his current focus. I remember seeing him in a video about racism.
A colourful work of Bill Cosby was his portrayal as a bigot in Bill Cosby On Prejudice (1971).
What many don't know is that the "Dr." in front of his name is earned, not honorary:
Cosby earned a doctorate in education from the University of Massachusetts in 1977: his thesis concerned the use of the Fat Albert series as a teaching aid. He has attempted to integrate education with television in some projects, such as Picture Pages, where Cosby taught children how to draw in a series of shorts aired by PBS. Notably, he structured the 80's Cosby family to represent children at all ages, and the addition of Sandra as a Princeton-educated lawyer is meant to show how good parenting and education of children leads to success. The Cosby Show also served as a vehicle to raise issues of drugs, illiteracy, teen pregnancy, and gang violence. He is now a leading educational philanthropist.
If anyone is qualified to speak out about education and race, I'm thinking it is Dr. Cosby. Perhaps we all ought to listen.

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