Thursday, December 16, 2004

He ain't heavy; he's my brother

Rants continue. My brother has decided that evil lurks in Washington. No, not that evil. He's talking about prep schools and football. It seems the headmasters of the elite prep schools in DC have decided that being good is okay, but being too good is, well, bad; they've given the boot to Georgetown Prep; they've tossed 'em out of the athletic league.

Here's a question: should high school sports be about winning, or should high school sports be about sportsmanship, becoming & staying physically fit, learning new skills, experiencing teamwork and being a part of a team, having fun, creating friendships, and trying one's best... oh, okay, and winning is nice, too, but not all important? So, which side do you fall on?

I'm in the second camp... which is why, when I coached lacrosse at Wyoming Seminary, my student-athletes liked me, but the head of the school -- who lived in the first camp -- couldn't stand me. (Okay, maybe that wasn't the only reason he didn't like me, but it certainly played a part.)

Another question: if we focus our educational efforts from the first camp, what sort of alumni do we churn out?

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