Thursday, December 23, 2004

Insurgency in New Sovereign Iraq... and the United People's Republic of America?

The recent "mess hall" attack was suicide bomber. No rockets. Nothing that technologically sophisticated. Not that this operation wasn't sophisticated.
The apparent sophistication of Tuesday's operation-- one of the deadliest single attacks on U.S. troops since the war began-- indicated the attacker probably had inside knowledge of the base's layout and the soldiers' schedule. The blast came at lunchtime.

"We always have force protection keeping their eyes out," Lt. Col. Paul Hastings, spokesman for Task Force Olympia, the main force that controls northern Iraq, said Thursday. "For somebody that wants to take his life and kill himself, its very difficult to stop those people."
Difficult? Try impossible.
The suicide attack on an Army mess hall tent exploited a seam in the normal U.S. troop protections and vetting of visitors, and officials probed the likelihood Thursday that multiple individuals and careful planning was involved.

As new details emerged about how the attack was carried out, the commander of U.S. forces in northern Iraq took personal responsibility for the deadly security breach, which many private experts said was unprecedented.

"Clearly in this instance I failed to identify some shortcoming that allowed this to occur," Brig Gen. Carter Ham said.

Military officials said it was likely, but not certain, that an insurgent wearing an Iraqi uniform and explosive vest detonated the deadly attack. Ham said he suspected others were involved in its planning. FBI agents were helping to recreate the scene.

"It is very difficult to conceive that this would be the act of a lone individual. It would seem to me reasonable to assume that this was a mission perhaps some time in the planning, days perhaps," Ham told CNN in an interview.
I've been thinking recently; what would I do if my homeland were taken over by an invader? Imagine for a moment. Perhaps somehow the Chinese have gotten technology (perhaps from some alien force, I don't know) whereby they can knock us out. They use words and force to try and get us to stop invading other countries, placing armies around the world, but our government continues on, defiantly. So, they mount a quick attack on the United States, landing in Virginia Beach and pushing on to Washington, DC, in a matter of days. They arrest President Bush, who they find in a duck blind on along the lower Potomac River. They establish a new government, recognized by the European Union (led by the French, of course), and begin to establish rule of a fusion of communism and capitalism with an overarching Taoist taste. Chinese troops, supported by a smattering of EU and African troops, patrol our streets. The Federal Core in Washington is blocked off for the new government.

What am I going to do? Hmm... tough one... not... I'm gonna become an insurgent, whether an insurgent dressed in the collaborator's uniform of the United People's Republic Coast Guard or dressed in khaki pants and a button-down shirt. Either way, I'm gonna do what I can to kick the Chinese out.

So, we're surprised about the current situation in Iraq? Are our leaders, our policy makers, really that stupid?

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