Thursday, December 23, 2004

The "real" Ocean's Twelve

Okay, not really... nobody could be as cool as Danny Ocean and his crew of independent contractors... well, that and Ocean and company don't use violence.

Did you hear about the Belfast haul? Something like $60 million!
Detective Superintendent Andy Sproule said it would not be easy to find the gang, which he said numbered at least a dozen.

"This was a carefully planned operation by professional criminals who obviously had done their homework," Sproule said.
They weren't real subtle, though:
Sproule said the operation began when four gang members went to the home of Northern Bank employee Kevin McMullan in rural Loughinisland to the south of Belfast, posing as a police officer with news that a family member had been killed in a car accident.

They put a gun to McMullan's head and tied him up, kidnapped his wife and said she would be killed if her husband did not help their plot.
It seems the police almost accidently foiled the plot, but they were too late.
Police in Northern Ireland narrowly missed catching the gang responsible for the biggest cash robbery in history red-handed, it emerged tonight.

They were outside the Northern Bank headquarters in central Belfast moments after a white van made off with the last of the robbers’ £22 million haul.

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