Thursday, December 30, 2004

Remember the dad who sold Christmas?

Remember the father who'd had enough of his unruly sons? In Suess-like poetry it reads like this:
'Twas the week before Christmas, and chaos did reign.
The kiddies were squabbling. Oh, what a pain!
Their language was shocking, their demeanor obscene.
But to correct them was useless, you know what I mean?

So to the computer, Dad sprinted so spry.
"There's going to be order, or you'll regret it," he cried.
Then typing and clicking like wee, tiny elves,
he summoned up eBay, determined to sell.
Well, looks like the Old Man made out... and the kids, well, maybe next time they'll remember not to @#$% with Dad.
An Antigua-based Internet casino Sunday paid $5,300 to a Pasadena man who decided to auction his sons' Christmas presents on eBay.
What a nice Christmas story, eh?

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