Saturday, December 25, 2004

Was 2005 the "Year of the Blog"?

The jury's still out, say I, but over at Time magazine, they learned a few things about blogs. I particularly liked number 4:
Bloggers Can Be Titillating
In May a blog graphically detailing the sex life of an anonymous Capitol Hill staff member prompted D.C.'s most intriguing game of guess-the-author since Primary Colors. Jessica Cutler, a.k.a. Washingtonienne, was later outed and fired by her boss, Ohio Republican Mike DeWine, for "inappropriate use of Senate computers." (Her site is not for kids.) In another sign of the times, her first postfiring interview was with Wonkette, another Washington blogger.
Zesmerelda over at An Aggregated Life believes blogs are passe. She's over with blogs, but not the content, and sees RSS as the next wave.
It seems everyone has a list of "blogs of the year" on their sites, and every newspaper and (Times) magazine I read is eager to claim this as the year of the blog. People, you are behind the times! I say it was the year of RSS.

RSS completely changed the way I approached the web. Instead of surfing from site to site, content came to me. I became an efficient consumer of information, reading over 150 sites a day, clipping pieces that were important, sharing pieces when I needed to, and classifing information according to rules that I set. Blogs only allow you create information. RSS puts you in control of it.
Ah, if everything were so easy!

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