Saturday, December 25, 2004

What will sudden money do for you?

You've likely heard about the lottery winners who end up bankrupt. They can't handle it & fritter it away until there's nothing left. Years ago, I heard of a lottery winner in Pennsylvania who built a big house, and several years later sold the windows out of the house in order to pay the property taxes. I wish this story were so humourous.

Do you remember Jack Whittaker, a contractor who on Christmas 2002 won a $314.9 million Powerball jackpot? His only grand-daughter died earlier this month. She was buried yesterday, Christmas Eve.
More than 100 people emerged from the otherwise deserted Christmas Eve streets of this former railroad town to attend the funeral of Brandi Bragg, the granddaughter of record Powerball jackpot winner Jack Whittaker.
What caused her death? Authorities aren't exactly keeping mum, suggesting a drug overdose. Others lay blame on hard, cold, cash.
Whittaker and others say her sudden access to vast wealth had brought new friends and dangerous habits.

"Since she won the lottery she had too much money," said Becky Layton, who once took care of Brandi when she lived with her grandparents. "I could point fingers all day long. The money is the root of it all, I would say."
I remember when Whittaker won, he said he was going to do good with all his new-found wealth. He tithed to local churches, set up a foundation to give money to worthy causes... and then there were tale of travels to strip clubs with briefcases filled with cash, drunken wild times, and a host of unsavory characters.

I guess he shows money sometimes isn't the answer.

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