Sunday, January 09, 2005

Coast Guard boat experiences difficulties

Thankfully the crew is okay. By the read of these news pieces, I can suspect the case was harrowing at best.
Powerful winds and pounding rain raked San Luis Obispo County on Friday, leaving one woman dead, prompting the rescue of a Coast Guard lifeboat, causing widespread power outages and felling dozens of trees across the region.


The Coast Guard's lifeboat also ran into trouble. While responding to help the couple, the lifeboat was hit by heavy waves and lost power moments before it rolled onto the rocks on its side, then righted itself and slid back into the ocean, said Saindon. Afterward, one of its two engines failed to start.
The surviving sailboater was wearing a life jacket. The Coasties wouldn't talk to the press following the case (likely too shook-up).

This is the second motor life boat to go up on rocks in less than 6 months; thankfully, all Coasties in both cases survived.

More to follow, I'm sure.

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