Monday, January 10, 2005

First perceptions are not always accurate

Today, as I was purchasing my single Mega Millions ticket, the cashier told me about a 94-year-old-woman who'd been denied lump sum payment. I was thunderstruck; how could "they." Well, then I did a little research:
Louise Outing's luck ran out Thursday when a judge denied the 94-year-old woman's request to force the state Lottery Commission to pay her entire $5.6 million winnings up front....

Dortch-Okara said because Outing and similar winners "have other options available to them to receive an immediate lump sum payout of their lottery proceeds, there is no irreparable harm."

Lottery Executive Director Joseph Sullivan said the rules are printed on the back of Megabucks tickets. Only the multistate Mega Millions game offers a lump-sum option, he said.

"All Lottery players who win Megabucks prizes are held to the same rules and regulations as Ms. Outing, and these rules and regulations are reviewed with the winners when they claim their prizes," Sullivan said in a statement.

Lottery winners are allowed to "assign" their winnings to a state-approved financial company that makes the full payment in return for a percentage of the total winnings.
Doesn't seem as evil and bad as I first thought. Hmmm; I wonder what other issues I've flown off the handle about before learning a bit more?

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