Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Just where are those Portsmouth hot spots?

The Virginian Pilot noted today that "urban design guru Ray Gindroz is back in town." Why would I care? Well, first off, the City is giving this guy a hunk of money....
The City Council last week agreed to give Gindroz a no-bid contract that will pay him about $120,000 to work on two projects through mid summer. Members said Gindroz’s background with the city and experience were so unique they did not feel the need to undergo a normal bid process for the job.
I'd like to make six figures for a couple of months of work.

Here's the second reason. The impact on my neighborhood might be substantial.

"Gindroz will begin a study of five potential downtown development sites," said interim City Manager James B. Oliver Jr.
Among the downtown “hot spots” for redevelopment are the Holiday Inn; the parking lot between the waterfront and the City Jail; and the federally owned parking lot at High Street Landing, which the city hopes to purchase.

Some of the properties had been included in plans for a 15-block “Gas Lamp District” development that the city backed out of last year.

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