Friday, January 14, 2005

Prince Harry still in the news

Poor guy. The best thing that's been said about him is this:
All these excuses boil down to one: that Prince Harry is a stupid young man, who meant no harm. That is what I would like very much to believe. But if it is true, then we are not talking about an average level of stupidity. We are talking about stupidity on an absolutely monumental scale.
That's just classic. Prince Charles isn't taking it too well.
Prince Charles "hit the roof" after his son, Prince Harry, showed up at a costume party wearing a swastika armband and ordered him and his brother to visit the Nazi death camp at Auschwitz, the Sun newspaper reported Friday.
And the father's rath continues:
The Sun newspaper, which broke the story of Harry in his Nazi costume, said Prince Charles also was upset that Prince William, who also was at the party, did not warn his younger brother against wearing the costume.

"Last night Charles ordered both boys to privately visit the Nazi death camp at Auschwitz to learn the full horror of Hitler's holocaust. And he has told them to watch the move 'Schindler's List,'" The Sun said.
Ah, to be rich, young, stupid, and in the public eye. ;-)

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