Monday, January 10, 2005

Sure, I could be the City Manager

Hmmm, I'd be willing to give up my comfy & secure job as a performance consultant and work in my fair City of Portsmouth...
When James B. Oliver Jr. arrived as interim city manager last July, he inherited a fractious City Council, disorganized government offices and a load of financial troubles....

Now suddenly, several members are wondering if they should begin a national search for a new city manager. If a new person is hired, he or she would be Portsmouth’s fifth chief executive in four years.

Oliver has six more months on his interim contract, and the City Council has to decide whether to offer him a permanent job or look for someone else.
So, what's the hang-up? Looks like he might'a pissed off some developers:
A meeting Oliver convened in mid-December with several major private developers and Ray Gindroz, an urban design expert. The developers left that meeting upset with city management over questions Gindroz and Oliver posed to them about their designs. They later complained to council members.
Meghan Hoyer's article goes on to say,
Much of Oliver’s time has been consumed overseeing projects and problems that started before his watch. He has led Portsmouth through the financial and management troubles at the nTelos Pavilion at Harbor Center and recommended that the city end talks with a private developer looking to redevelop 15 blocks of downtown.
Well, truth be known, the $135,000 a year salary certainly looks attractive, but would I really be able to keep my mouth shut, and who the hell wants to put up with politicians from Portsmouth? I mean, it's not like we have our act together... ;-)

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