Friday, February 18, 2005

Flowers weren't enough?

Like the guy wasn't satisfied with buying his wife a dozen roses? Or two dozen roses? He had to park on the railroad tracks?
The man charged with killing 11 people on a commuter train by allegedly parking a truck in its path wasn't trying to commit suicide but wanted to create a "horrific tragedy," according to police....

"Although Mr. Alvarez may have contemplated suicide, his actions were deliberate with the intent of causing a horrific tragedy," Glendale Police Chief Randy Adams added.

Alvarez wanted to gain the attention of his wife, Carmelita Alvarez, said Sgt. Tom Lorenz, a police spokesman. The couple had separated and Alvarez's wife had obtained a restraining order against him.
The guy must be off his rocker. Women prefer flowers or chocolate or pretty cards or poems to death, mayhem, and blood.

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